About Wedding Photography

Basic package includes:

Unlimited amount of digital photographs.
All pictures will be enhanced and corrected,
delivered on a digital disk up to 15MB/picture.
Including a 20 page hardcover photo album.
Including a Digital version of your photo album
you can sharewith your family and friends.




A basic wedding photo shoot scenario:

WeddingBride getting ready at her suite.
The bride wedding gown, shoes, rings and jewelry.
The groom awaiting his new bride at the ceremony beach house.
Decoration, invitations, cake and flower arrangements will not be forgotten.
The guests arriving.
The Ceremony event.
Traditional and creative photo shoot with family and friends.
Happy moments and creative photography.
A sunset over Bonaire’s turquoise waters.

  • Unlimited amount of digital photographs.
  • Including a 20 page hardcover photo album.
  • Includes all photo enhancement and editing.

We would like to tailor at your request and wishes.

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Island South Tour

3 hour additional tour:

  • The waterfront in Kralendijk
  • The courthouse
  • The salt ponds
  • The slave huts
  • The lighthouse


Island North Tour

3 hour additional tour:

  • Lake goto
  • The town Rincon
  • The East Coast 



Detailed Information South Island Tour

wedding photography sold ponds

We will have stroll at Playa Lechi and downtown Kralendijk are perfect way to start your tour.
It's a 10 minutes drive to Teamo Beach located just in front of the airport where we can be creative with the beach and it’s tranquil ocean.
At the salt pier we will find a small ruin, a perfect subject to get creative with black and white due to the coral structure in the building.
The pink colors of the sold ponds are a perfect way to combine it's pink with your wedding dress.
Most south we find Wilemstoren lighthouse where the rough east coast will load your images with the power of nature.
The lighthouse is a beautiful image filler and next to it there is a second ruin constructed out of coral rock.
We will end our tour at the Red Slave huts, where we will take our time to combine romantic portrait shots with sunset views.

This is a 3 hour island tour where we can enjoy our time in a relax manner.

Detailed Information North Tour

Seru Largo has the perfect view over the town of Kralendijk.
We will drive the ocean road to witness the oceans turquoise blue shallows.
Just past 1000 steps is a fantastic hang out to spend time and create some romantic images. A little walk and we will fill our background not only with the ocean but also with volcanic rock formations and caverns. Goto lake is a bird sanctuary and a view over our National Park will soften your images with pastel soft colors. The 500 year old town of Rincon has some of the best architecture of the island and a fun place to grab a drink and mingle with some local color for a Universal group photo shoot.

This is also a 3 hour tour with a lot of possibilities.

You need a wedding planner, I work closely with all wedding planners of Bonaire, here are some helpful links.

  • Bonaire Tours
  • Suze’s Weddings Bonaire
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About Bonaire

Bonaire offers an amazing collection of sceneries; from its turquoise ocean fronds to volcanic rock formations overgrown with cactus.
We have a few natural beaches where there is plenty of photo opportunity.
But you need to look for more, think about our salt ponds or Salina’s they are of exclusive beauty and represent the real panoramic of Bonaire.

  • As a professional photographer I work close with the wedding planner.
  • I will direct and organize the placements at the ceremony to get the utmost out of the photo shoot.
  • I will communicate with the ceremony master the timing and coordinate development of the wedding event with special care to the Bride, Groom and all the guests.
  • The goal is to have a tranquil smooth development that we all will enjoy.


100 steps wedding photo






Photo Album Printing

Your album will be mailed using FedEx to your home address and delivery within 10 day’s

classicphotobook endsheets layflatpages  



Deluxe Hard Cover size 15‘X11’ with 20 pages

Let Bonaire Vision Films create your album, a new online service.
You will be able to view your album online, request changes and order copies anytime from any location.

Go to: Your Album. Here you will find a small collection of this years wedding events. View this page and share; get a feel of Bonaire’s beautiful locations.

About Photo Creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed,
this is where your love will be captured and savored for ever.
The traditional wedding photography is a behavior passed down
within a society and is perfectly to be combined with some creative new.

  • It breaks my heart when I hear from newlyweds that say “I wish we’d thought more about our photography. We spent more on the cake/my dress/the flowers and now we have no good photos to remember our day”...

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The Power Of Visual Image.

We always create the real value and work with all passion