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2007 -Galapagos
2008 Fiji
2008 Mexico_Cabo Pulmo
2009 Belize_Latitude
2010 Roatan_Utila
2010 Chuuk Lagoon_Odyssey
2011/2012 Palau
2013 Saba - St. Eustatius & St. Kitts
2014 Bahamas - Channel Islands
2015 Mexico - Succoro Islands2016 Cuba - La Havana
2017 Guadalupe Island
2018 Palau, Peleliu, Angaur

2019 Tahiti, BoraBora






Palau, the westernmost cluster of the Carolines, instead opted for independent status in 1978. It approved a new constitution and became the Republic of Palau in 1981



The most populous town of the island is Coxen Hole, capital of Roatán municipality, located in the southwest. The easternmost quarter of the island is separated by a channel through the mangroves that is 15 meters wide on average


Sint Eustatius

Topographically, the island is saddle-shaped, with the 602 meter-high dormant volcano Quill, (from Dutch kuil, meaning 'pit'—originally referring to its crater) to the southeast and the smaller pair Signal Hill/Little Mountain (or Bergje) and Boven Mountain to the northwest.



Politically, Palau is a presidential republic in free association with the United States, which provides defense, funding, and access to social services. Legislative power is concentrated in the bicameral Palau National Congress.



The great frigatebird is a lightly built, large seabird up to 105 cm long with predominantly black plumage.
Major nesting populations are found in the Pacific (including the Galapagos Islands) and Indian Oceans, as well as a population in the South Atlantic.


Chuuk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon, is a sheltered body of water in the central Pacific. About 1800 km north-east of New Guinea, it is located mid-ocean at 7 degrees North latitude. Truk was a heavily fortified base for Japanese operations against Allied forces in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, serving as the forward anchorage for the Japanese Imperial Fleet.


Cabo Pumo

Cabo Pulmo is a national marine park on the east coast of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. Although popularly described as hosting coral reefs, and sometimes described as the most northerly coral reefs in the American Pacific the ecological communities are mostly based on a mix of volcanic rock and sand, with just sparse coral cover.



Fiji has one of the most developed economies in the Pacific due to an abundance of forest, mineral, and fish resources. Today, the main sources of foreign exchange are its tourist industry and sugar exports

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