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Tourist TV Bonaire, initiated by Lamédia Bonaire and Bonaire Vision Films, is an answer to the need for information that visitors to the island appear to have according to a media

A survey shows that a TV-channel providing informative programming about Bonaire has been met with enthusiasm by 71% of the interviewed tourists. Granting their wish for information, Tourist TV Bonaire is showing short, tourist-oriented documentaries about subjects in Bonairean culture, history and nature. It also offers companies in the tourist trade the possibility to advertise whatever they have to offer to a specific audience.


  • ‘Spined Invaders’: Lion fish invasion, how Bonaire copes with Lion Fish eradication.Tourist TV Kijkcijfers 1
  • ‘Bonaire Sea Turtles’: Life of a sea turtle on Bonaire.
  • ‘National Symbols’: Bonaire traditions and history.
  • ‘First inhabitants’: Human evolvement on Bonaire.
  • "Ocean Grazers’: Importance of reef fish .
  • ‘Parrot guardian’: Doctor Sam Williams saving the Lora.
  • ‘Tanki Maraka’: WOII Campsite on Bonaire with Archaeology J. Haverson
  • ‘Prickly Plants”: The ecosystem of cactus of Bonaire.
  • ‘Island Adrift’: Life of Captain Don’s
  • ‘The medicine of Aloe’: the healing magic of Aloe plants and history

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Here are some samples of commercials we have produced to promote local business.
These films are broadcast ready or used on websites.
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