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  • 20 Years of Film

    For your Visionary Film Productions.

    Photography in a world of Universal Colors.
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International Film Productions

20 Years of accumulated experience in International Film Production that is broad and diverse. Read More

Bonaire Film Productions

"A SHINING STAR", Bonaire Film Production includes sport events, windsurfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and more. Read More


International recognition in film and photography shows experience and professionalism. Read More

Tourist TV

Our Local TV station on the Island of Bonaire. Read More
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  • Exploration of nature is sacred to me, and to share its beauty is my greatest reward.

    The ability of plants and animals to coexist in an harmonious ecosystem is beyond human understanding. Our technology will never surpass the complexity of natural wonders.
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About Hendrik Wuyts + Bonaire Vision Films & Photo International

The visionary mind behind Bonaire Vision Films & Photo International (previously known as Scuba Vision Films) is ‘Hendrik Wuyts’, a Belgian who came to the island of Bonaire in 1993. Scuba Vision Films was the result of decades of training in film, video and photography techniques including lessons at the world-renowned Antwerp School of the Arts. Hendrik continued his education through projects all over the world, including Cairns in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Egypt, Malaysia, Sipadan and on many more locations.

His favorites, by far, included working with Max Hammer filming the Wrecks in Papua New Guinea, promotional and travel films in Sulawesi the Masai in Kenya or Peru, and working with the Smithsonia Institution filming at the island “Carrie Cow Bay” in Belize. His most exiting project has been the creation an award winning documentary: “ The survival of ethnic minority people of Vietnam and Laos”. His work as a director of photography on a travel series “EYE ON,…”, produced by European Media Support EMS in The Netherlands has earned him an EMS Golden Camera award for photography in LA and New York in 2002. Hendrik feels privileged to have seen, filmed and photographed an incredible amount of wildlife, whether it be topside or underwater. The footage and photo's he has accumulated is broad and diverse.

We call Scuba Vision Films today, 20 years later " Bonaire Vision Films & Photo International"

Fine Art Photography

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International Productions

It all began on Sipadan Island on the North East coast of Borneoimages
in 1995 when I worked as a dive instructor and Dive Guide
It was Jack Cousteau who discovered an 18m deep entrance to a turtle cave filled with turtle skeletons.
It was there that I began filming divers on their turtle tomb explorations.
Twenty years later what started as Scuba Vision Films has now become as much terrestrial.
Now under the new name Bonaire Vision Films & Photo International.



Turtle at Sipadan islandTurtle Sceleton Jack CusteauTurtle Cave SIPADAN Jack Custeau



Bonaire Vision Films International